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Vinyl anyone?

Hmmm... the 60's- anyone out there remember the 60's?

Well, as I do at times, I stop in my local thrift store to see what I can find~ and you guessed it, this amazing circa 1960's golden vinyl lounge chair caught my eye!

Doesn't it look comfy?  You could just sit back and take a snooze really!  But with summer coming and memories of sticking to vinyl when I was a child, I decided to pass it up.
I am certain there will be another taker- it is just too good of a find!

Coming soon to Unique LA

Cost: $10 at the door (cash only), Kids 12 and under are free.
Where: California Market Center, 110 East Ninth St.
Hours: 11am-6pm (both Saturday & Sunday)
Parking: There is secure, underground parking at the California Market Center for $6 during Unique LA. There are also numerous outdoor parking lots surrounding the building

I am SO excited be a vendor at Unique LA!
Booth #135
New Moses basket fabrics, blankets, oneies and more...

Did I mention Vintage Japanese silk bow-ties!

The "new year" has come... and now is going- Valentine's day has come... and now gone-
Wow this year is going quickly!
Guess I should give an update~

Life is good- really what do we have to complain about- we bathe and take showers in drinking water and have more food than we can eat, right?!
We are blessed... truly blessed!

This year (school year that is) I added a new job to my life/schedule/etc...
At the beginning of the this school year I started teaching sewing at a local charter school.

What a wonderful experience, for me...and I am hoping for the kids!  I am teaching  5-8th graders and 2-3rd graders... how to sew... hand sew that is~
We start out with sewing tools, then fabric and then how to thread a needle and practice stitching- it has been great! And of course what do I hear... "when are we going to make something?!?" and my answer "...we have to practice our stitches first and then we can make something special..." 

Patience... it truly is a virtue and a gift, of which each of us, no matter our age, will have to learn.  May we take the time to sit down and learn a basic skill- I believe sewing is one of them. It takes patience, practice and time; hopefully time with one another.

Summer Time!
Does summer time make you as happy as it makes me?  Well, you can't really answer that question, unless you really know me- ya?

I love summer... now, then and always!  When I was little, summer reminded me of fun at the beach, going to the river with my family and going swimming.

What are some of your summer time memories?

The Backyard Boutique
So excited about our Spring Boutique in Costa Mesa... if you are in town, stop by and say "hi"!

Dedo Frames for Wendy Anne
Last Sunday at "She's having a baby" event in Beverly Hills, was the perfect place to debut Dedo frames for Wendy Anne.  We featuring the most beautiful photo of baby Ian's newborn footsie.  This natural and simple frame was designed from the same wood our Wendy Anne Moses basket stands are hand craft.  This made for a beautiful compliment to our Cozy Baby Moses basket with 100% organic cotton velour linens.  We look forward to adding colored frames using Eco-friendly paints in pink, blue, sage and yellow.

"She's Having a Baby" Event
Jayneoni Moore has done it again!  A wonderful event celebrating new mommies, great products, in a beautiful location.  We were so excited to be a part of this event!  The gift bag was incredible with dozens of gifts for the mom's and mom's to be; including a sample of our Shnuggy Baby blankie~250 to be exact.

Heather Wallace and I attended the boutique style event with over 50 vendors.  From 10am to 3pm, over 370 mom's attended.

Thank you Jayneoni~ we look forward to the next Boom Boom Room event.

Check out all our Shnuggy Baby blankets for color options and sizes.

ABC Kids Expo 2009
The ABC Expo in Las Vegas- Great!

Cheryl and I had a great time- it was a smooth trip to getting there.

Set up was pretty easy- Cheryl designed it and made for an easy, eclectic and whimsical booth.

I loved seeing all the old faces (customers that I haven't seen in ages!) and a lot of new ones too~ Bev's Real Kids and Alligator Pie.